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The Access 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan represents an ambitious endeavor to create a forward-looking blueprint that reflects the aspirations and needs of our vibrant community.

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By ensuring all voices are heard, we're envisioning a transportation system for tomorrow that aligns with the values of our community today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a federally mandated document that strategically addresses transportation issues and needs over a 25-year horizon. Serving as a comprehensive guide, it outlines investment strategies and priorities, influencing the planning and funding of transportation projects within a region.

Hillsborough County has experienced rapid growth over the last two decades, with 23% population increase since 2010 and a further 29% projected by 2045. In addition, the county encompasses the entire spectrum of urban landscapes, from the dense urban core of Downtown Tampa to undeveloped wilderness, farmland, and very low-density rural areas. As the population of Hillsborough County grows, many neighborhoods will experience significant changes in density, land use, and neighborhood character. These changes will necessitate appropriate and proportional changes to transportation systems and infrastructure.

Effective public participation is essential to the successful implementation of Access 2050, and necessary to ensure that the needs of Hillsborough County’s many unique and diverse communities are adequately addressed. The feedback and ideas provided through all engagement opportunities will directly help guide the decisions made throughout Long Range Transportation Plan process.

The Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization (Hillsborough TPO) serves the transportation planning needs across Hillsborough County, Florida. The organization is mandated by federal and state law and focuses on policy-making and funding allocation. Hillsborough TPO is directly responsible for ensuring federal and state money is spent on transportation projects and programs that are based on an ongoing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning and public outreach process. Through meaningful public engagement, the Hillsborough TPO establishes priorities for short- and long-term multimodal transportation needs across Hillsborough County, including the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City.

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